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There’s no doubt about it – the rose is the world’s most popular and acclaimed flower. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, roses symbolize love and happiness.

tesco flowers by postPeople offer bouquets on birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and special events because the flowers are truly inspirational. Roses also denote beauty, innocence, politics, and war, and nowadays many people grow roses in their homes and gardens.

The flowers have the freshest smell, not to mention that they look incredibly delicate. Apart from all-natural colors of red and white, today one can find roses in all sorts of other color combinations, including blue and black for example.

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Carnations date back more than 2,000 years. They’re rich with mythology, symbolism and even debate, mostly because of the name.

sainsburys flowers by postSome say that it comes from Ancient Greece, while others argue that it is derived from “carnis”, a Latin word that means flesh, thus bringing out the original pink shade of the flower that is related to incarnation.

Carnations are extremely common flowers that symbolize fascination, distinction and love. They can be found in a wealth of shades and color combinations, starting from classic red and pink, to unusual combos of yellow and blue, fuschia, purple and more. Helium balloons delivered

Tulips became popular in the 17th century when they started invading major European countries, especially Holland.

asda flower deliveryMany people began collecting these tantalizing bell-shaped flowers, thus triggering a trend known as “tulipomania”. Widespread all over Europe in the spring, tulips are available in many interesting colors, starting from red & yellow, to more unusual shades of light blue & purple.

Although they have the simplest design, daisies are incredibly beautiful flowers. They convey a lot of exuberance and merriment; many people grow them in their gardens, or gift them to their significant others.

tesco flower deliveryAs for their significance, botanists argue that daisies symbolize purity and innocence. The perennial flower with evergreen leaves has thin, white petals and a yellow center; it can be grown anywhere provided that you provide them enough water.

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Also known as helianthus, the sunflower is one of the world’s most striking flowers. Its name comes from the Greek words “helios” that means the sun, and “anthos” that means flower. Featuring 67 species, the sunflower is believed to have originated from the Americas.

john lewis flowers by postNowadays, it is distributed around the world, and even cultivated for its seeds.

Sunflowers may reach over 1 meter in diameter, and the actual flower has deep yellow petals and brown, seedy center.

The orchid is one of the world’s most graceful flowers. It is an ornamental plant available in beautiful shades of pink, white, deep purple, fuchsia and more.

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Orchids symbolize strength, beauty and luxury, and in ancient Greece they were related to virility. In ancient Greece, pregnant women fed their husbands orchids in the hopes that their unborn babies would be boys.

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